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  1. After many years and much hype in BI, we are left with three types of BI organizations: the disillusioned, the successful, and the fresh starters. The disillusioned, even frustrated innovators from the early 1990s, have spent huge budgets on technology without really getting any BI value for their dollar. The successful must have done things right: optimizing customer expectations, budget, throughput time, and the actual BI deliverables. They are role models, keen on keeping their BI wisdom to themselves and may not allow external priers. The fresh starters are smaller companies who can afford BI as the infrastructure price has dropped dramatically.
    Database vendors offer a BI suite as a free add-on, and storage and processing capacity continues to reduce the price–performance ratio.
    But the hardest part to compress is BI consultancy. So for the suspicious starters and the disillusioned it is absolutely necessary to create a confidence building project initiation phase before the organization commits to a budget for an investment without any salvage value if things go south.

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